Thematic Lessons

Thematic lessons are layered in both discipline and in learning domains, which encourages engagement with the theme from many angles and through many lenses.

This not only allows to student to connect with the material through their preferred learning domain it also encourages students to build comprehensive and lasting relationships with what they are learning.

To do this, teachers develop lessons that are layered.

For example, what is being taught in science may be incorporated into the social studies topic, written about in language arts, or read through literature.  Lastly, all of this is tied into current events. 

Our goal is for the students to see that each and every lesson is directly connected to another lesson. 

We aim for these young adults to merge their understanding of the world with an interconnectedness that is relevant to their everyday life.

Each unit begins with an inspiring hook and a discussion that directly ties to the previous unit; each unit ends with a formal assessment that prompts thought as to what might come next. 

Life is circular; we believe learning and understanding should also be circular.

6th Grade Curriculum Map

7th & 8th Grade Curriculum Map