Thematic Lessons

Explore themes and curriculum maps in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade

Thematic lessons

Thematic lessons are layered in both discipline and in learning the domains. This encourages engagement with the unit theme from many angles and lenses.

This not only allows students to connect with the class material through their preferred learning domain, but it also encourages them to build comprehensive and lasting relationships with what they are learning.

To facilitate this, teachers develop lessons that are “layered.”

A science class will integrate with social studies. Students write about their learning in language arts, or read relevant literature.  All course material ties into current events. Students understand the connectedness of their lessons and the connection to the greater world.

Teachers engage students at the beginning of each unit with an inspiring hook and a discussion that ties to previous units. At the conclusion of each unit, students have formal assessments that invite them to explore what might be next. 

Life is circular. We believe learning and understanding should also be circular. 

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6th Grade Curriculum Map

Our curriculum designed such that all the domains come together in a fantastic culmination in a display of skills by the end of 8th grade. Students have presented numerous science projects, personal interest projects, and researched many topics. At graduation, they are expected to write their speech, as well as lead the school community in centering and in song.

7th & 8th Grade Curriculum Map

See our Omegans as leaders at the school-wide Winter Program 2018

All students have a hand in writing songs, scripts and determining their act.

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