Student Performance After Rainbow

In high school and beyond, RCS students excel

Our students are prepared to lead

As we move into the age of artificial intelligence, our graduating students are prepared to be leaders. They know how to truly think, design, plan, and act.

For a child who progresses sequentially through the grade levels at Rainbow, the early years allow ample time to explore, think, and learn content – especially science and social studies. Students explore their world, ponder it, organize, and eventually learn how to re-create it, with unique ideas.

Holistic, seven domains learning

In later years, students learn mechanics and perfect their computational skills. This allows them to learn those skills quickly and easily. This frees up time in the younger years so that they have every opportunity to “light up all areas of the brain.” They don’t have to overly drill on these few, narrow skills. By the end of 8th grade, our students are ready for high school and beyond.

They often test out of introductory courses into more advanced levels of Math, English language and reading, as well as more advanced world language classes.

How do omega graduates do in high school?

SILSA and Asheville High disaggregated the GPA data of Omega graduates attending high school there.

They analyzed all 29 RCS graduates, from freshmen to seniors, and compared their GPA averages with the rest of the SILSA student population overall.

The second most common school our graduates attend is Carolina Day School.

Omega students typically earn awards at their respective high schools for academic achievement. In 2017 and 2018, a Rainbow graduate won the Faculty Prize at the Carolina Day graduation. This is a terrific honor. This prize is prestigious: all the faculty vote for a student based on character, academics, and service.

We are so very proud to send Omega students into the world who are accomplished, confident, and creative learners. They are prepared to be compassionate leaders in a changing world. They think out of the box and are poised to innovate.

Beyond Rainbow

In Omega and at Rainbow Community School, we stay in touch with our alumni.

In the fall of each school year, we invite them back to speak about their experiences in high school and beyond.

We encourage you to watch the different alumni panels we have each year. We promise that you will see at once how articulate, poised, and innovative our alumni are.

Awards & Honors

Some of the awards our Omega alumni have garnered in high school and beyond:

  • Class valedictorian, Carolina Day
  • Class valedictorian, Asheville High
  • National Merit Scholar
  • Faculty Prize, Carolina Day
  • John B. Lewis Scholarship for soccer, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Frederick Douglass Scholarship, American University
  • SILSA Principal’s Award
  • National Honor Society
  • Cum Laude Society, Mercersberg Academy
  • Service Scholarship, Warren Wilson College

spring 2019 alumni updates & awards

Upon learning about all the wonderful things Rainbow alumni do, we couldn’t wait to share some of the incredible ways they are making a difference as high school students and beyond.

Danielle Hanna – Junior Top 10, SILSA program at Asheville High School

Bronwyn White – Junior Top 10 and AP Environmental Science Award, SILSA program at Asheville High School

Teagan HIll – Junior Top 10 and Sewanee Book Award, SILSA program at Asheville High School

Elijah White – Junior Top 10 and Harvard Book Award, SILSA program at Asheville High School

Ben Goodrum – NHS inductee, Coaches Awards for Varsity Soccer, William C. Owen Student Athlete Award, Carolina Day School

Annabel Locke – Asheville High School, English Honors Award

Ryan Hatcher – Asheville High School, Principles of Business and Finance Award

Sydney Morrison – Sophomore Top 10 and American History Honors Award, SILSA program at Asheville High School

Nicole Boots – Math Excellence Award, SILSA program at Asheville High School

Savannah Hagen – Asheville High School, Freshman Top 20

What Parents are Saying

My son has been at Rainbow since preschool, and is graduating 8th grade tomorrow. The moment we walked in the door for preschool orientation, our family became a part of the greater school family. Since then, we have strengthened those bonds through countless gatherings and by volunteering at school events. Over the years the teachers at Rainbow have encouraged and inspired my son by their own passion for life-long learning. Their well though out lessons are aimed at teaching the whole child, and my son has blossomed from that approach. The community at Rainbow Community School has loved my son into the amazing young man with limitless potential he is today, and I will be forever grateful for that.

Casey F.

This school is a gift to not just the kids who walk the hallways but to the families who love those children. This school is up to big things – with courage, clarity, rigor, and compassion. The model is magic, and more importantly, the team is inspired, engaged, and on fire to help kids discover their potential and optimize.

Laura J.

My daughter has blossomed into quite the leader after just one year at Omega Middle School. We just wish she had attended Rainbow for longer! We feel blessed to be able to send our children to this forward-thinking, holistic-minded school and to be a part of the community there.

Xia G.

Want to know more?

The best way to experience Omega Middle School and Rainbow Community School is first-hand. We encourage you to make an appointment to tour our campus and discover the magic of learning.