Omega Electives

omega electives

Students entering Omega are ready for challenge and change. They are ready to meet the teachers who will guide them beyond the threshold of childhood into the realm of young adulthood. At the center of this transition lies self-trust and self-direction. Given the right tools at the right time, Omega Middle School believes that preteens are ready to embrace a considerable amount of autonomy and responsibility within their education. Allowing for self-directed learning by offering students a broad range of electives is an indispensable way that Omega Middle School affirms these young adults in their burgeoning power.

2018 - 2019 ELECTIVES

Spanish 1 and 2
Literary Magazine
Exploring Forms in 2D and 3D Art
Marimba Percussion Ensemble
Iron Body
Micro Controllers and Programming
Equity Educators
Hip Hop Dance
Electricity and Magnetism
Modern Dance
Nature Awareness
Technology and Music
Myth and Media