Omega Electives


Students entering Omega are ready for challenge and change. They are ready to meet the teachers who will guide them beyond the threshold of childhood into the realm of young adulthood. At the center of this transition lies self-trust and self-direction. Given the right tools at the right time, Omega Middle School believes that preteens are ready to embrace a considerable amount of autonomy and responsibility within their education. Allowing for self-directed learning by offering students a broad range of electives is an indispensable way that Omega Middle School affirms these young adults in their burgeoning power.

Below are some of the electives that have been offered in the past. Electives vary year by year.


  • Home Economics
  • Facilities
  • Poyodoshi (Personal Mythology)
  • Computer Coding
  • Primitive Skills
  • Drawing and Painting Fundamentals
  • Social Change
  • Theater of the Oppressed
  • Drama
  • Modern Dance
  • Vintage Jazz & Swing
  • Choral Explorations
  • Marimba Percussion Ensemble
  • Band & Music Creation
  • Writing Basics
  • Creative Writing Workshop
  • Literary Journal