Omega Schedule Details

CENTERING– Will begin at 8:35AM every day. Tuesdays and Thursdays, the students will lead centering. On these days, students will choose centering activity for day, but still follow routine: Choose and write relevant quote on board for students to write in centering journals, light candle and lead group in 3 breathes, group discussion of quote, centering activity, and close with deep breathes and extinguishing candle.

MATH– Math is everyday of the week. Math will often begin with a warm-up, followed by homework review, lessons and notes, and end with time to begin homework.

SNACK– should be simple and easy to get to. On Wednesdays, students may eat snack during the last 10 minutes of math class, so on this day snack should be simple like a bar, fruit, or yogurt since students will be working while eating snack.

MAIN LESSON– Jason will be leading the Social Studies curriculum, Niki the Science curriculum, and Susan will weave English into both the aforementioned courses by combining Literature and Language Arts with both Science and Social Studies. At this time, students will combine Literature units with themes in both Science and Social Studies in addition to practicing formal writing skills. The Omega class will be split into two groups- Group A and Group B, so that they are either in Jason or Niki’s class each day for main lesson.

LUNCH/RECESS– There is NO microwave in Omega- with 40 plus students, there is not enough time for everyone to get a chance and our recess time is precious! For students who prefer warm lunches- a thermos is a great solution!

SPECIALS / ELECTIVES – These will, when possible, tie into the Course Curriculum. Specials are graded courses that include Music, PE, Health and more, and are required courses while electives are student choice and not graded.

MYSTERIES– this includes both Mysteries Council and Gender Mysteries. Gender Mysteries will happen about once a month and is where the groups are separated. In this circle, students address topics such as body image, self-love, heritage, customs, accessing personal power, etc. Mysteries Council will be with all Omegans and also occur about once a month. In this circle, students have an opportunity to discuss the unknown and the questions that arise within them that do not necessarily have answers. This circle is not about elders providing answers but rather is about the elders providing a space that allows for the questions to exist in comfort.

CLASS MEETINGS– Every Friday students will participate in a class meeting that is run Dynamic Governance style. This meeting will discuss current issues, problem solving, and decision making (from themes for special events to daily rituals and procedures that need tweaking). The agenda for this meeting will hang in a general space and allow for students to add issues/ ideas that may come up during the week.