Elementary and Middle School Open House 2-15-2017

Elementary and Middle School Open House 2-15-2017

Asheville, North Carolina, Rainbow Community School (RCS) will hold an Open House on Wednesday, February 15 from 4-6 pm. The open house is free and open to the public and will feature the elementary and middle school programs at RCS. This event will provide an excellent chance for anyone considering enrolling in the 2017-218 school year to find out if RCS is the right fit for you and your family.

“This event offers a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in exploring alternative approaches to education. RCS has, for over 40 years. mastered the art of holistic education. However, the true magic of RCS’s holistic educational approach cannot be described but rather experienced first hand,” said West Willmore, Curriculum Director at RCS. “Please come check us out!”

During your visit, classrooms will be open for viewing, many staff and faculty members will be available to help answer questions. You will also meet other community members, tour our unique 5-acre urban campus, and explore various student artifacts.

For more information please contact the Admissions Director, Sheila Mraz at


Rainbow Community School launches Gofundme campaign for Standing Rock

Rainbow Community School launches Gofundme campaign for Standing Rock

Update 12/14/2016: The Rainbow Community raised $5750!

Original Post:

“We are the Rainbow Community School Warriors.

We are compassionate leaders, building a socially just, spiritually connected, and environmentally sustainable world.

We are the Rainbow Standing Rock Delegation; Wendy Sause, Elijah White, Bronwyn White, Caryn Hanna, Bob Hanna, Bryce Hanna and Danielle Hanna, traveling to Standing Rock to provide much needed supplies with the money you donate to this Rainbow Delegation Fund.

We are students, parents, alumni, and teachers at Rainbow Community School in Asheville, North Carolina whose hearts are heavy as we watch our water sources destabilized, the indigenous people of this land dishonored, native sacred sites destroyed, and our children’s futures dismissed as we fail to act on climate change.

Even more importantly, we are a community of whole-hearted learners committed to a transformational journey through compassionate service. Each morning when we turn to face our students we feel it in our bodies as we are undeniably initiated into a sacred contract of leadership. We are not only our students’ advocates and teachers, but their elders and role models. We are not only their parents and counselors, but their mentors and advisors. Our dedication to holistic education, to nurturing our students’ spiritual insight as well as their political power, moves us to take action now at this critical moment in American history.”  


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Standing Rock

Omega Middle School | Open House 2016

Omega Middle School | Open House 2016

Join us Wednesday, October 19th 2016

Two Event Times: 8:30am-10:00am & 6:30pm-8pm

On Wednesday, October 19th you are cordially invited to attend our Omega Middle School’s Open House! We are eager to show you and your family what makes Omega Middle School the innovative and thriving holistic middle school that it is. The morning session will allow you to shadow 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math classes while the evening session will provide you with an opportunity to meet the teachers as well as some of our newest alumni. Email Admissions Director, Sheila Mraz, at sheila.mraz@omegamiddleschool.org for more information.


Morning “Experience the Classrooms”
8:30-8:45 – Meet and greet in auditorium
8:45-9:15 – Overview
9:15-9:45 – Tour the math classes
9:45-10:00 – Q & A
Evening “Meet the Teachers”
6:30-6:45 – Meet and greet in auditorium
6:45-7:15 – Overview
7:15-7:30 – Tour classrooms
7:30-8:00 – Q & A with teachers and 3 alumni


Rainbow Community Center:
62 State St.
Asheville, NC 28806
Phone: (828) 258-9264

Rainbow Community Center

60 State St. Asheville, NC 28806

More than Mindfulness Conference

More than Mindfulness Conference

Calling all Parents, Educators, School Administrators, and Mental Health Professionals!

Join us October 12th at Rainbow Community Center for an eye opening experience.

What: Mindfulness Conference

When: October 12, 2016

Where: Rainbow Community Center

Join us October 12th at Rainbow Community Center for an eye opening experience. Rainbow educators will be presenting important information that will help transform your classroom into a magical place.

Participants will:

– Observe RCS’s unique centering curriculum first hand.

– Gain holistic educational strategies that can be adapted for all school curriculums and cultures.

– Collaborate through discussion and interactive sessions on these important themes.


Rainbow Community School has a 40-year history in contemplative and holistic education and has been recognized as a national leader in these areas. Our Seven Domains holistic approach leverages the tools of mindfulness while moving beyond them into the secular realm spirituality. The staff and faculty at RCS invite you to the inaugural More than Mindfulness (MTM) Conference which is a unique and dynamic event that will explore many ways of inviting the “soul” into your schools.


8:30am-5:00pm full day (Centering observations and reflection, break out sessions and workshops)


Cost: $35 for the full day and $25 for the half day. All attendees receive a certificate of completion to be used towards professional development, and a Seven Domains and Centering manual that includes informational materials and reproducibles.

Breakfast and snacks will also be included and a food truck lunch will be available for purchase. Check out the menu here

Intended Audience: Educators, parents, school administrators and mental health as well as other education related professionals.

Rainbow Community School is hosting it’s first Mindfulness Conference. For 40 years, Rainbow has been implementing mindfulness into its daily curriculum.

About the Event: School based mindfulness programs are becoming increasingly more widespread in private and public schools throughout our country and research suggests that these programs bolster mental health and well being and have the capacity to improve academic achievement. At MTM we will highlight ways to integrate mindful practices into your school culture but will emphasize MORE than mindfulness by expanding these practices to include holistic and secular methods that nurture the personal and collective spiritual identities of your students, staff and community members.

Participants will engage in and reflect on RCS’s unique Centering curriculum and practice, gain holistic strategies to adapt your own curriculum and/or school culture, and collaborate through rich discussion about these important themes: inviting the soul in to the classroom, cultivating awareness and spiritual identities, exploring education as a sacred art. The conference will also feature break out sessions in which RCS presenters will bring topics of interest to parents, teachers, school administrators, and other education related professionals.

To Register for this event click here:  

Rainbow Community Center

60 State St. Asheville, NC 28806

Sponsor Opportunities: If you are interested in being a supporting organization at the 2016 More Than Mindfulness Conference, please contact West Willmore 

For more information: Please contact West Willmore at west.willmore@rainbowlearning.org or call  931 808 3722.