Omega Athletics


Sports are taught formally both in PE classes and through the Hospitality League, a team sports league comprised of WNC private and charter middle schools.

Physical education

PE classes start with centering, move into a warm up, and culminate in a rotating main lesson.

Just as math lessons at Omega Middle School are taught through more than just the mental domain, physical education at Rainbow brings all six of the other domains into the physical domain.

Through in-depth conversations about teamwork within the social and emotional domains, strategic lessons and problem-solving within the creative and mental domains, PE classes seamlessly integrate all domains.

Omega is always excited to bring in guest coaches who can share their passion, skill, and experience within a particular sport or physical modality with our Middle School students.

Please email Mark if you are interested in guest-teaching a P.E. class.


Hospitality League

Through the Hospitality League, Omega students can participate in different sports all during the school year.


  • flag football
  • ultimate frisbee
  • volleyball


  • basketball


  • soccer
  • ultimate frisbee

This local league focuses on camaraderie, technique, and teamwork. Teams close each game with a group discussion to review plays and encourage sportsmanship.

All teams are co-ed and are open to 5th through 8th grade students.

As an Ultimate Frisbee World Champion, Mark Strazzer, Omega’s Athletic Director, is eagerly including and expanding opportunities to play ultimate frisbee here in Asheville.

Learn more about Asheville’s Ultimate Club for Youth.