The Omega Middle School embraces the method of authentic assessment. Within this approach students are assessed in authentic, student-centered, active and meaningful ways.

Authentic assessment challenges students with relevant and meaningful tasks and empowers them to take control of their own learning. Students are assessed throughout the year using robust forms of authentic assessment such as essays, portfolios, presentations, debates, projects, and some formal standardized testing.

Self reflection is also an integral component of our assessment approach and happened daily. Omega students are given letter grades for both effort and performance.

In addition, parents receive lengthy narrative reports three times a year that highlight strengths and challenges in all subjects and in all the Seven Domains of learning. There are four scheduled conferences throughout the year.

Omega uses the Educational Records Bureau Comprehensive Testing Program  (CPT) as our norm referenced standardized test. To learn more click here. 

Omega also uses Lectica Assessments which are formative, standardized educational tests that assess students’ complexity of thinking and ability to reason ethically.

This work is based out of research from the Mind, Brain, and Education program at Harvard Graduate School of Education, and the work of Kurt Fischer, a Lectica board member.

To read Dr. Theo Dawson’s blog, the founder of Lectica, about Rainbow Community School’s Lectica test results, and what they mean, go to her website by clicking here. It includes an excellent, easy-to-watch video explaining Lectica tests.