About Omega

Welcome to Omega Middle School

Our Mission: We develop accomplished, confident, and creative learners who are prepared to be leaders in building a compassionate and environmentally sustainable world.

Our Method: We provide an engaging, nurturing learning environment to educate the whole child using the seven domains.

To achieve these goals, the faculty at Omega Middle School are focused on one thing- your child.  They invest their time to get to know each student and create a caring relationship that inspires each to achieve their best.  Simply put, a good school knows each student by name, at Omega Middle School we know your child by heart.

Omega Middle School’s holistic, experiential and project-based approach to education is vitally important during the middle school years when children experience tremendous cognitive, emotional and biological changes.  Our program challenges students to know themselves as academic learners, have a strong sense of personal self worth and find their voice to express themselves authentically. The low teacher-to-student ratio, rigorous individualized curriculum and Seven Domains approach makes the Omega program an extraordinary middle school.

Understanding the principle that emotional and social stability is a requisite for academic success, students start each day in Omega Middle School with centering as a practice of mindfulness. This is a unique time designed to build community, strengthen character, and encourage ethical decision making while placing value in multiple perspectives.  As an end result, this creates empathy, or what many are calling the EQ (emotional intelligence). Students set the tone for their day and are fueled for greatness.

Students experience deep learning and demonstrate demonstrate real world understanding while at Rainbow. On the annual Lectica tests students take, they show how they work with their knowledge. Students performed so well in the 2016-2017 school year, they outperformed their peers in many regards. We are so proud of our students and how much they have learned. Read more about Lectica by clicking on the link.

Developmentally, the middle school years are vastly different.  The 6th grader is a completely different student compared to the 8th grader.  Even though a 6th grader believes they are ready to take on the world, she needs a further nurturing environment in the 6th grade year to gradually grasp the emotional, biological and physical changes occurring.  This is why our 6th graders are in a class of their own.  In contrast, our 7th and 8th grades are combined to accommodate the rapid cognitive growth and the sophistication of the developing high school student. This unique program also provides continuity with dynamic and invested teachers to further build relationships and academic growth.

Please don’t just take our word for it.  Listen to our alumni testimonials, parent interviews and our 8th grade speeches.  You will hear each describe our middle school approach and they may even leave you in awe.  Take a tour to experience the difference yourself.  We look forward to seeing you soon.