Update 12/14/2016: The Rainbow Community raised $5750!

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“We are the Rainbow Community School Warriors.

We are compassionate leaders, building a socially just, spiritually connected, and environmentally sustainable world.

We are the Rainbow Standing Rock Delegation; Wendy Sause, Elijah White, Bronwyn White, Caryn Hanna, Bob Hanna, Bryce Hanna and Danielle Hanna, traveling to Standing Rock to provide much needed supplies with the money you donate to this Rainbow Delegation Fund.

We are students, parents, alumni, and teachers at Rainbow Community School in Asheville, North Carolina whose hearts are heavy as we watch our water sources destabilized, the indigenous people of this land dishonored, native sacred sites destroyed, and our children’s futures dismissed as we fail to act on climate change.

Even more importantly, we are a community of whole-hearted learners committed to a transformational journey through compassionate service. Each morning when we turn to face our students we feel it in our bodies as we are undeniably initiated into a sacred contract of leadership. We are not only our students’ advocates and teachers, but their elders and role models. We are not only their parents and counselors, but their mentors and advisors. Our dedication to holistic education, to nurturing our students’ spiritual insight as well as their political power, moves us to take action now at this critical moment in American history.”  


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Standing Rock

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